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My Wish Tree

The Solstice is a sacred time that comes two times a year and has long been celebrated in cultures all over our earth. In practical terms, the solstice is when the sun marks its point of peak daylight and peak darkness (depending on your hemisphere). It’s a powerful time to reflect on the value of the paradox of ‘as above, so below’  what parts of us do we bring into the light and what do we hide in the shadows? There are sacred sites around the world designed just for these specific yearly visits and moments with the sun.

The Winter Solstice is the peak of darkness and the rebirth of the sun and is a time ripe for rituals and feasts, gift giving, decorations and time spent strengthening bonds with family and friends. You can participate with and honor the rising sun on the solstice with gentle song or soft bells.

I have my own ritual that I’d like to share with you…I call it my WISH TREE.

bigger circle tree

Coming into winter, you’ve gone through the transition of fall where you shed all that isn’t serving you. Winter is a time to invite the light into your deep self and hold sacred your nest eggs and seeds that will move forward with the jewels and nuggets of your spirit that you want to hold sacred and nurture through hibernation so that it can hatch in the spring.

What is the wish tree? It’s my version of an outdoor Christmas/Yule tree rooted in the tradition of Tibetan prayer flags. Using biodegradable paper and string, I hand write intentions, prayers and wishes which I attach to a tree and allow it to there until spring when the sunlight can penetrate and allow the seedlings to sprout. Like prayer flags, as the wind blows the sacred prayers and wishes are sent dancing in the world. I invite my friends, family and neighbors to participate. Sometimes it’s a phrase, a thought, a name or simply a hand drawn heart.

E Wish Tree Circle

This year, I want to extend an invitation to you to be part of my wish tree, our wish tree.

What are the seeds you want to plant now so you can nurture send energy to them and see them burst forth in the coming spring? What do you want to draw and attract light to in your life? What intention, wish or thought do you want to birth when the spring sun shines upon us? What or who do you want to send love to?

This year, Winter Solstice falls on December 22nd. Please share your wish, intention, thought or name with me by December 18th and I will offer it on our tree.

Love -Ahlea

P.S. Keep an eye out for pictures of the tree. I’ll post them on Facebook:

Here’s a montage from this year’s wish tree. Thank you for participating!

wish tree montage

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One Response to My Wish Tree

  1. Catherine says:

    I love your tradition. I am going to do it we get go home on the 21 . We return 26. I will ponder on it send or drop it off the office .
    Have a small ceramic cornucopia. We stuff what we have been grateful for the past year and e everyday Starting November 1. Read them at thanksgiving. This just something extra to do . I have a gratitude journal and say prayers everyday.

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