Ahlea Khadro

Holistic Health Intuitive

Nutritionista, Spiritual Mentor,Healer, Crunchy Mom

I discovered at a young age that I could “see into” other people’s bodies. I was able to connect with the stories that lie beneath the surface of a person. And with the innocence of a child, I often blurted out what I saw…it was a profound lesson for me that many people don’t want to hear what their bodies are trying to tell them (especially from a child).

As a young gymnast diagnosed with MD at the age of 12 I was cornered into translating my own story into a healing opportunity. My diagnosis and gift has taken me on a dynamic and rather unconventional adventure. From mainstream hospitals to the feet of yogic masters I have carved a far-reaching path that has allowed me to see new ways to heal the body and soul… and pepper the lives I touch with new perspectives.

My most recent journey as an author was inspired by my relationship with the amazing Louise Hay. As Louise’s health advisor and friend for over 15 years, we have had so much fun blending affirmations with practical and profound tips and exercises that create/support optimal health and happiness. Our work together inspired us to collaborate on my latest book “Loving Yourself to Great Health” with our co-author Heather Dane.

I live a vibrant and blessed life in San Diego where I run Soulstice, an Integral Wellness Center. I also love to play and garden with my human and furry family.