The Secret to Health is in Sync with the Seasons


I am so happy to be sharing with you some ancient insights and wisdom on how to achieve optimal health and wellness throughout the year by participating with the seasons!

Introduction to Seasonal Health & Wellness
Being in sync with the natural cycles of our earth and the celestial forces above (sun, moon, planets) is a vital foundation in Ayurveda (yogic medicine, science of life), Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine and many other cultures and spiritual paths. We are made from and inextricably connected to the earth and her magical cycles but unfortunately our culture promotes a disconnection from her rhythms. Irregular sleep cycles, air travel, artificial lighting and technology each effect our body’s hormones, neurotransmitters, emotions and more.

How do we reconnect with the natural rhythms of the seasons?
Consider for a moment  the quality of light from the sun in the Summer compared to what it is like in the winter. In Summer the sun shines directly above our crowns and through Fall and into winter the sun gradually drops down angling toward the south in the northern hemisphere or angles north for my southern hemisphere friends. Every year the sun travels from side to side on the horizon, back and forth. Our prana (life-force) and agni (digestive heat) are just two of the many parts of our human body that are profoundly affected by this movement and shifting of the suns prancing. Our digestive fire is dynamic in the Summer and raw food is abundant and easier to digest and in the winter when the nights are longer than the day our digestive system is supported with cooked foods, soups and stock.

We can begin to understand the seasons and the qualities of each one by noticing this process inherent in each and every day and consider activities that come natural at those times.
seasons-158601_1280We can feel Spring in the opportunity of waking from slumber and the morning hours. The sun at its mid-day peak is akin to summer. The late afternoon hours and early evening are synonymous with Fall and nighttime when the sun finally dips below the horizon is symbolic of Winter’s hibernation.

Each Season has a predominat element, body organs that are sensitive, and emotional opportunity to transform a negative emotion by bringing forth the positive anecdote. We can support ourselves by eating seasonal foods, practicing particular ways of eating, supplementing with spices and herbs to bring balance and to engage with exercise and movements that are ideal for each unfolding chapter of the year.

Join me on this magical journey applying ancient secrets of seasonal living to achieve optimal health and happiness in your every day.


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    Thank you Ahlea. Fall. Also a good time to eat gingerbread from your Loving Yourself to Great Health book. So warm and yummy. 🙂

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