The Key to Ghee -It Really is Better than Butter

Hello Lovelies – I am both smitten with and humbled by ghee. It is both healing and delicious!  Come along on our date…table for three please -you, me and ghee!


Hi there, I’m Ghee

Ghee is simply the oil extracted from butter. It is often referred to as ‘clarified butter’ but ghee is a step beyond clarified butter and true ghee goes a step beyond that.

Let me explain. Clarified butter is made by heating butter to a point where the impurities, water and milk solids separate and are then removed from the liquid butter.

With ghee, the milk solids are caramelized before they are removed which infuses a delicious nutty flavor into this golden nectar.

True *Ayurvedic Ghee is made using raw milk, and the butter is cultured.

A spoonful of mouth watering ghee.

5+ Magical Properties of Ghee

  1. It’s Sacred! Ghee is a highly revered ‘sattvic food’ which means its has the ability to promote positivity, spiritual development, peacefulness, healing and the expansion of consciousness.


  1. High Flash Point (485 °F): Ghee has one of the highest flash or smoke points of any oil which means you can cook with it at a higher temperature. You never want your oil to smoke because it converts into free radical molecules that are unhealthy for both consumption and inhalation.


  1. Doesn’t Spoil Easily: Most oils have a short shelf life, ghee can be left out for quite a long time; some say for 100 years (although mine would never last that long uneaten).


  1. Enhances Digestion and Gut Health: Unlike other oils, ghee stimulates the body to produce stomach acids (HCL) which break down our food. It also has butyric acid which helps to heal the precious lining of the gut.


  1. Its Amazing for the Skin: Ghee has long been used to heal wounds and burns. It lessens the healing time and severity of scars and is also wonderful for dry or irritated skin.


Additional Benefits

  • Supports the immune system
  • Satisfying
  • Supports the body/mind/spirit connection
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Calming for the nervous system
  • Makes you a superhero -o.k., a slight exaggeration, but ghee is a great energy source. The medium chain fatty acids are absorbed directly by the liver and turned straight into energy. It’s great for athletes and superheroes alike.

Important Note: Be sure that your ghee (and all dairy products) come from healthy, happy pastured cows with no antibiotics or growth hormones.


My Favorite Ghee

I have tried a wide range of ghee and I have also made it in my own kitchen but the brand that makes me giddy about ghee is made by Ancient Organics. I am blown away by how divine this brand is.

It is bar none the most delicious and cleanest ghee that I have found on the market. They are committed to making their ghee according to the sacred and beautiful guidelines and timings of Ayurveda. What does that mean? It is only made in small batches using sweet cream and during the full or waxing moons. They also infuse the ghee with mantra (sacred chants) in order to offer the most life-force-enriched ghee. It’s delicious, it’s nutritious and it is an honor to support such a great company. Thank you Ancient Organics.



Things to Do On Your Date with ghee 

Sauté spices in ghee as a tasty base for soups or dishes.

Sauté vegetables in ghee.

Roast vegetables (not above 450).

Melt ghee on steamed vegetables, soups…any food really.

Pop your (nonGMO) popcorn in ghee for a brilliant ‘buttery’ flavor.

Use ghee on fish or chicken (when poached, baked or sautéed).

Massage ghee into your scalp. It helps to calm a busy mind and is soothing to the nervous system.

Nursing mothers: ingested Ghee will enhance the nutrients in breastmilk and support the health of a breastfeeding mama. Ghee is also wonderful for soothing cracked nipples that can occur from nursing.



The uses for ghee are endless, so I’ll be writing another blog demonstrating how to make your own ghee and I’ll be sure to include lot’s of yummy recipes.

Let me know how you use ghee. Do you think it’s better than butter?

Have you seen the interview that prompted the writing of this blog? I had a lot of fun trying to convince my friend to try ghee. Check it out here:


In Love- Ahlea

*Ayurveda is an ancient tradition of health’full living with roots of over 5000 years in India. It encourages balance in the body mind and spirit through proper intake of food, drink, lifestyle habits as well as herbs and body treatments. Ayurveda means Life-Knowledge.

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    A really fabulous ghee that you may not have tried is available at the Little Italy Farmers Market. Rachel Peter is fantastic. Made from Spring Hill, Jersey cows;-)

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