The Importance of Poop!

Let me share a little tidbit about me… I talk about poop a lot (and not just because I have a toddler). I’ve lost count of the number of people who have told me I’m the first person they’ve talked with about their poop. But let me tell you, once you give people permission, they want to talk about it all the time.

We obsess over what we put in our mouths, but when it comes to the other end…mum’s the word. Your poop is a fantastic barometer of your health and so I am dedicating this entire newsletter to the subject. Sit back and relax while I share some insight on the importance and wisdom of poooop.

What is poop?

Bowel movements are a natural way for your body to excrete waste. Your body takes the nutrients it needs from the food you eat, and what is left is well, poop. It’s made up of about 75% water and the rest is a combination of fiber, mucus, live bacteria and other cells.

Did you catch a glimpse of orange chunks or other remnants from dinner? Corn, oat bran and insoluble fiber like carrots are more difficult for your body to digest. Therefore, you may notice some leftovers in the throne.

Fecal Fact: Everyone poops about 400 lbs. a year!

The Anatomy of Poop

SHAPE & TEXTURE It takes about a day for your digested food to go from one end to the other. If the process is rushed or too slow it can change the texture and color of your poop. A healthy poop should be medium to light brown, smooth and soft (like toothpaste) and ideally S shaped like your lower intestine with uniform texture. poop_101_1

COLOR As I mentioned above, your poop should be medium to light brown. What you eat can certainly affect the color (think beets or corn) but if you notice your poop is green, yellow, black, white or red, take note. Check out this link for a closer look.


SMELL Ok-  your poop won’t smell like roses…but on the other hand, pay attention if your stool seems to have a particularly bad odor. Your body could be telling you something isn’t working at optimal levels. a smell tip: dispense some hand soap into the toilet before you poop to keep the scent contained. 🙂


GET THINGS MOVIN’ In many of my beginning chats with people about poop, they tell me they are ‘regular’ when in fact they are not going every day. Constipation is uncomfortable and unfortunately I see a lot of sweet folks who suffer from constipation.



Water! Water! Water! I want to emphasize how important it is to drink 12 oz. of water or more when you first wake up (the optimal time of day for water absorption and primes your digestive system for the day. Be sure that every day you are drinking a minimum of half your weight in ounces. For example, 150lb person should drink 75 oz of water.

Poop Posture

Did you know that the sitting angle (upright) of the human body on the typical western toilet could be responsible for many of the colon dis-eases and ailments that we face today? The position of your colon during elimination is very important. Unfortunately our toilet posture prevents your colon from fully emptying and releasing waste. Not cool! Enter my friend the squatty potty. To find out more about this super tool for your stool CLICK HERE!


The squatty potty positions your colon to fully relax, allowing for a smooth and complete bowel elimination.

The down low on the best way to go...


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