The Gift of PMS



Our bodies are sacred human vehicles. They communicate with us in a myriad of ways. One way that is often judged, misunderstood and disregarded  is known as pre-menstrual syndrome; powerful messages from our female bodies just before we bleed.

In many cultures it is believed that the power of a woman is at its peak when she’s bleeding. Today, if women weren’t spending so many hours indoors and under fluorescent lighting, her body would realign to the cycles of the moon and she would bleed with the new moon. In shamanic and nomadic cultures women would gather in a moon lodge or red tent during their bleeding cycle and during that time would receive mystical dreams and guidance that would be returned to the tribe and received with the highest degree of reverence.

When a woman bleeds she is in an incredible, powerful and open space. She is considered to be in between worlds and it is also a time of physical cleansing as she sheds her uterine tissues. Unfortunately, in todays world we are expected to rise above our natural timings and rhythms in order to excel and push through with a ‘never let em see us sweat’ mindset. We’ve become disconnected from a time where it was beautiful and revered to be vulnerable with our sacred blood cycle.

I constantly teach about the profound opportunity that lies within a symptom. So today, I want to invite you to look in a new way and consider these pings, pangs and symptoms as a clever calling from your body desiring to be heard. Consider that any Pre-Menstrual Symptoms are your bodies way of requesting protection, to feel acknowledged and to make the most of this sensitive time. Its an invitation to attune yourself back into a space of love and connection.

Tips to Support Yourself Before or During Your Bleeding or Moon Cycle.

Create Sacred Space: Take time just for you to  re-connect with your divine nature as a woman.

  • Take a Warm Mineral Bath with Candles and music
  • Consider what you wish to release emotionally as you have this physical release
  • Set aside time to meditate and listen to any guidance coming your way
  • Gaze upon the moon and feel how her magnetic pull affects the ocean and your female body
  • Tune into the deep and profound connection between women. The sacred sisterhood
  • Allow Time to Rest your precious body
  • Spend time in Nature
  • Practice Nadi Shodhana (appropriate moontime pranayama)


Support Your Physical Body

  • Hydrate to support this cleansing time and rid the body of toxins
  • Eat: foods that are easy to digest. Kitcheree, steamed vegetables, whole grains with delicious ghee and spices such as ginger, cardamom, fennel,  cumin, coriander, saffron, and cinnamon.
  • Enjoy a warm and nourishing Castor Oil Pack on the low belly and womb
  • Avoid caffeine if you experience breast tenderness
  • avoid yoga poses or pranayama that pull your energy upward ie. inversions and breath of fire/bastrika
  • Tea & Supplements: Tulsi, ginger, fennel and agrimony tea. Dandelion leaf tea is also helpful for bloating associated with menses.
  • Herbs/Supplements:  Triphala, Ashwagandha, Yarrow, Red Raspberry Leaf, Reishi,

The Woman I AM Honors the Woman You are!

PS-  It is a beautiful thing that each time I type pms my autocorrect turns it into pjs…  You get it! auto-correct, thanks for supporting the woman’s flow to comfort and remember to slide from pms into pjs.

  • Azita says:

    Wonderful! Thank you!

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    As a man I feel this information beautiful and insightful. I will use this as a way to support my partner better and harbor understanding of her cycle. Thank you Ahlea.

  • Rosario says:

    Changing the way I see PMS as a sacred time. Love this new way of thinking about it. Irs a beautiful thing.

  • Debb says:

    I love this! The historical stories about the shamanic and nomadic cultures are particularly interesting. What a brilliant reminder to honor our bodies and tap in to our mystical side!

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    Hello Ahlea, I would like to know what other books you wrote besides the one with Louise and Heather. I am interested in something only yours.

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    I listened to you and Louise this am on HayHouse radio. You talked about adding something to water for the mentally taste in the breath. Can you pls remind me what it was.
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