Spring Tonic

Teetering into Spring

This transition from Winter to Spring can feel like a seesaw. My body seems to begin thawing and I feel the inkling to move more, get in the garden and even to begin a cleanse and then a cold snap will blow through and I am back to wanting to sleep in and eat broths or veggie stew.

Consider what water does in the winter. The molecules slow and even freeze during this season of internal focus and hibernation. In the Winter we pull our energies deep into our roots and nourish our inner nature. From the Winter element of Water the Sun beckons our sap and spirit up through the trunk and element of Wood towards the energy of Rebirth into the Spring.

During this teetering in between the seasons I like to thaw myself and support the urinary system with a very ancient and sacred herb called Agrimony. Agrimony is a member of the rose family and has a myriad of healing properties. I drink agrimony tea for several weeks this time of year to ritualize the transition of the seasons and to begin the gentle process of releasing winter to preparing for my Spring rebirth and my new vision for the year.

Illustration_Agrimonia_eupatoria0Benefits of Agrimony:

  • Potent yet gentle astringent often used for children (diarrhea, colic)
  • Aid Menstrual symptoms and heavy menstrual flow
  • Diuretic. beneficial for healthy Urinary and Kidney Function
  • Overall support of the Liver
  • Alleviate symptoms of sore throat and cold
  • Contains Vitamin B3, Iron, Niacin and Vitamin K.

How to Make Agrimony Tea:
Steep 1 teaspoon of the leaves and stems in 1 Cup water
***Make larger quantities in a French Press so it can be enjoyed throughout the day

Where to Get Agrimony:



I recently recommended agrimony for liver support to a beloved student of mine who lives in Belgium. She shared that it is called ‘Leverkruid’ in Flamish (she lives on the Flamish side of Belgium). Leverkruid translated means Herb of the liver. I just love the wisdom of plants.