Ritual to Release old Baggage

The New Moon that falls after the Spring Equinox is an incredibly powerful time to participate with the sacred rhythms of nature to allow important shifts inside of ourselves. 
The organs associated with Spring are the Liver and Gall Bladder and anyone who follows me knows how I respect and adore the liver. Spring is also an optimal time of the year for cleansing on the physical and emotional level and the negative emotion associated with the liver is anger. The positive antidote for anger and to support the liver is a sense of justice and understanding. 
Spring is an optimal time to release any old resentments, grudges, wounds or hurts from the past that you are carrying with you or in your liver. These hurts might have been at the hands of another person or perhaps resentments and grudges with yourself. As we release the weight of these hurts we free our energy up to step into new vision and seize the Spring energy of rebirth.
Take my hand and join me on a journey of cleansing and beginning anew with the new moon energy.
Release Rituals with Fire:
Write letters to the person(s) that your grudge is associated with… or somehow you feel has hurt you. Write freely and release any pent up feelings and thoughts onto the paper. Again, you can write the letter to yourself. This is still very effective and powerful if the person has died as you can still release any congested energy.
Create a Ceremonial Fire. You may have a fire pit in your yard, an indoor fireplace or use a barbecue/grill. It is your intention and action that carries the potency of this ritual. Offer the letter(s) to the fire dedicated to dissolving and freeing yourself of these burdens. Be intentional, meditate, pray, dance or sing as a way to honor and ritualize this powerful statement.

Then Say aloud or think powerfully with your being, (your version of this):  “I Love and I Forgive You (brother/father/mother/friend) for (not protecting me when I needed it, hurting me, leaving me)! I release you and I release myself from these hurts so that I can be Free and Feel SAFE to live the life I am here for”. Then Focus on Love: Fill Yourself and the other Person with the nectar of LOVE!

*If you have an deep, safe and intimate bond with the person you are writing to perhaps you can present and read parts of the letter with them as a way to gain a closer and deeper bond. Then together you can release the letter and with it any hurts.
New Vision:
From this place of stillness, sense and visualize how these burdens have been lifted and your new sense of lightness. Now it is time to  envision what you wish to create. What seeds, plants and flowers do you want to have sprout and adorn your garden of life? What are you sharing and giving your precious life-force to? What part of you wants to be reborn in this season of renewal? How can you seize the energy of creation to nurture your spiritual self and a deeper sense of self love and compassion? 
Now drink a glass of clean water to commemorate this new you as you step forward with less baggage and with more clarity, peace and Love.
I Love you,
P.S. If you don’t happen to have access to fire pit/BBQ etc… You can always use a shredder or dissolve the letter in water.
  • Priscila says:

    Wow, this popped up on my Facebook timeline in a moment where I really was focusing on intense resentment feelings. Thanks for snapping me out of it and for offering this wonderful solution, I will be doing it for sure.

  • Grëgör says:

    I’m doing this. Thank you for the beautiful and timely post!

  • Jess says:

    did the release this afternoon… so in the space of freedom and creation right now… I don’t think I have ever had water be this good ♡

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