Nettle Soup

This February I went to visit a family that is very near and dear to my heart and soul. You know the feeling and special connection you have with soul family. I hadn’t visited their home on Whidbey Island in many, many years and I was so excited to take my family to the magical island of mist, driftwood forts and forests of Nettle.

Here is a Guest Blog/Recipe by my beloved friend, artist of love and magistress of pottery, Shair Hamsa.  Enjoying a snack or meal with her StillFire Porcelain  Pottery is such a gift. If you are in the NorthWest find her at a craft/art event.  With Love, Ahlea 


Shair and I picking nettles, disguised as morning elves.

In late winter here in the Northwest, one of the first signs of the coming of Spring is the welcome appearance of Stinging Nettles. The fresh green fuzzy shoots emerge from the forest floor giving us a great chance to energize for the last of winter’s bite.

For thousands of years Nettles have been utilized for purifying the blood, stopping internal and external bleeding, helping milk production in nursing mothers, as well as assisting in digestive processes through stimulating the stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas and gall bladder. Good source of Vitamin C & Iron, Nettles also helps to clear mucous production and can ease rheumatism.1


Nettles are most potent and easily harvested when they first come up.  Wear rubber gloves and protect your skin from contact, to prevent blisters and pain from the acid carried by the hairy bristles on the leaves.

Shair's Nettle soup in her Gorgeous handmade Bowls.

Shair’s Nettle soup in her Gorgeous handmade porcelain Bowls.

Shair’s Nettle Soup   makes a lot so you can share AND have some for tomorrow. While it is optimal to gather the fresh leaves from your yard you can also buy them dried here. 

Shair's Nettle Soup

1The Many Stinging Nettles Benefits, Mother Earth News Mar/Apr 1981


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    Yummm..its given me an idea to find some here in the ravine in Edmonton…or just get some nettle leaves from the store…thanks for the share!
    I have some red clover herb and don’t know what to do with it..any ideas?

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