Magic of Friendship

I live in an incredible swell of daily gratitude for my life, my work and the people I get to dance with.

For the Hay House Summit this year I had the incredible joy of having my conversation be with Robert Holden. I just Love Robert, his family and his passion and work in this world. Robert and I first met about 12 years when he was in town for a Hay House event. Louise Hay and I put together an opportunity for Robert to speak at a Shelter for Homeless Teens (where I had long been teaching yoga). I just loved how authentic his message was and how palpable his heart and his depth of care. The Teens (and the staff) absolutely loved his class.

The night that Robert and I met at the school for Homeless Teens.

The night that Robert and I met at the school for Homeless Teens.

A friendship forged or brought together by a common intention especially for spiritual growth or to serve others creates such a profound foundation for a relationship. That is one of the incredible benefits of the Hay House Summit. Each conversation  invites you into the hearts and minds of amazing people with transformative information with you in mind. Hay House also brings like-minded people together through Facebook each year with the Summit. I love watching how people come together to support each other.  I am so thrilled to be a part of it and I love that it is Free and can touch people far and wide.
What has your favorite interview been?
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  • Karla Tassier says:

    Hello, I bought the hay house world summit audio download and heard your interview but I don´t know where to get the pdf you talked about explaining cravings, Where can I get it?
    Thank you very much

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