Love Yourself to Great Health Webinar

Hi there!

Tracy here. I’m Ahlea’s right hand (and sometimes her right foot as well) and I felt like it was time to introduce myself. Many of you have met me via e-mail or over the phone, however, I got my 15 minutes of fame during the FAQ section of the Loving Yourself to Great Health webinar last week.

You missed it? Darn. Lucky for you I’m including a link to the replay in this blog and we can meet there (well not right now, but after you’re done here).

Ahlea and Tracy having some fun during the Love Yourself to Great Health Webinar.

I wanted this blog to come from me so I could personally thank you for making my job great. I get to experience a lot of wonderful interactions between Ahlea and the people she touches but Thursday’s webinar blew me away. There was so much love being shared over the inter web. I didn’t realize it was possible. I’ve known Ahlea for 15 years and I have witnessed how magnetic she can be, but Thursday the energy between Ahlea and the audience was palpable.

Anyhoo…thank you.

I’m including a video of a little sweetie named Mia, who was Ahlea’s youngest webinar viewer. She is practicing tips that were presented in the talk- gentle kisses on her hand.

I get a lot of requests to schedule one-on-one sessions with Ahlea. To date, there is a 6 month wait. If you are interested in working with Ahlea I’d like to suggest checking out her Live Virtual Workshop. This is an 8-week live webinar series based on her book Loving Yourself to Great Health.

What is it?

This Live Virtual Workshop is a step-by-step adventure that will help you shift your health and life perspective. Ahlea will teach you about your body and empower you to have an amazing relationship with food, your brilliant body (and organs) and your life and relationships! Ahlea is excited to interact with you so bring your questions and your open heart. Are you ready take your health to the next level? Trust me when I say this is a special opportunity that you should gift yourself.  In order to honor the intimacy and sacredness of this life-changing process she is limiting each course to only 10 participants so sign up today here.

Don’t take my word for it though, take a look at what some of Ahlea’s clients are saying about her.


What’s it like to work with Ahlea ?

“My work with Ahlea has been life-changing. I am more open, more loving and more patient. I have been dreaming of this day!” -EMMA


“Ahlea is patient, loving and supportive. She invited me to look at who I want to be.” -RAEANN


“It’s a commitment, not a magic pill. You have to be willing and ready to do the work.” -SAM


“Ahlea meets you where you are and then inspires you to move beyond your comfort zone.” -CORTNI

O.k., o.k., enough teasing…here’s the link to the webinar replay. But before you leave, look left and make sure you sign up for Ahlea’s monthly newsletter. Be the first to know about events, workshops, opportunities and much more.

With Gratitude,

Tracy (looking for a good title…leave a comment on what I should be called)

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