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Louise Hay on the Metaphysical Meaning of Poop

When Louise Hay, Heather Dane and I were writing our book, “Loving Yourself to Great Health”  Louise shared her brilliant views on the metaphysical meaning of poop. Here it is:

Bowels or poop are an indication of how we live our lives. All of life is: taking life in, assimilating what is good for us and releasing and letting go of that which we no longer need.

When intake, assimilation and elimination are all in divine right order in my body, I feel great. There is nothing that feels like a really good poop.

Then we flush and it’s on its way, never to return! This is nature’s way. I do not know of anyone who tries to go into the sewer to retrieve their poop.

If only we could treat all of our life experiences the same way. Intake, assimilation, elimination and FLUSH!

How often do we dig into the garbage of our past, try to bring back a situation so we can rehash it, go over it again – worry some more – and look for a different solution, when it no longer exists in our life?

When I find myself doing this, I say to myself, “FLUSH, Louise!” and I bring myself back to the NOW. Now is where the action is.


*Oh How I love you Louise!*

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2 Responses to Louise Hay on the Metaphysical Meaning of Poop

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  2. Yes, Ahlea…I love Louise’s philosophy! I will remember to say ‘flush’ when I am trying to hang onto something that would be better if let go. My husband and I use a little kids plastic stool in our bathroom to poop, so glad to see we are in the right position.
    I never paid much attention to my poop, since working with you I see how it does help to give it more attention.
    Sending love! Victoria Buckmann

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