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Kitcheree Recipe


Kitcheree, Kitchari, Kitchdi  means mixture or mess. This ‘mess’ of ingredients is thousands of years old and is used for deep healing and spiritual development as well. This recipe can be used as an ideal mono-diet to cleanse the system and help strengthen memory. Kitcheree is wonderful when recuperating from an illness or physical stress, like childbirth or surgery or everyday life. It can promote a calming effect when under emotional stress. The mixture of the mung beans and rice creates a complete protein and the way it is cooked makes it very easy to digest. This recipe is delicious and healing. Enjoy! 

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One Response to Kitcheree Recipe

  1. Kirsty maher says:

    Hi Ahlea-thank you for sharing recipe. I had tried kitcheree before following a yoga cleanse in Malaysia because wonderful healing benefits. Unfortunately I have an intolerance towards rice-and had to stop. Is there an alternative that can be used instead of rice in the recipie that is equally as grounding and provides same positive effects? Thank you and Take Care

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