Hay House World Summit 2015


Hello, Hello Lovelies-

It’s so easy to become caught up in the busy pace of life and forget to listen to our sweet bodies. When we aren’t in sync with out body and tuned in to the messages it has for us, it might begin to bark, ache, swell or cry. Where is your body trying to get your attention?

Symptoms are your bodies way of trying to communicate with you, especially if you haven’t been listening!  How you feel about ‘you’, the thoughts (and food) you put into yourself is reflected back through the health of your body. Things that manifest in your body are a direct reflection of your thoughts and how you treat yourself.

For this year’s Hay House World Summit I had the wonderful opportunity to record an interview with Jessica Ortner about the power of loving your body and how loving your symptoms can actually be a path to Healing! How Radical! If you want to learn how to stop fighting your symptoms and instead befriend them; Tune in to this year’s Summit. I am honored to be among a collective of brilliant and inspirational speakers that all want you to be the Best you Possible!

Join me, and tell me what you listened to and enjoyed.


What is the Hay House World Summit?

This years Hay House Summit is a 20 day journey to Self-Discovery, Health and Success. With 100 experts, authors and spiritual teachers covering topics including physical, mental and emotional health, spirituality, prosperity, relationships and self empowerment.


The Summit Begins today!

Here is the schedule of this year’s magic. So slide into your comfy pants and grab your favorite healthy beverage (lemon water, nettle tea) and remember that one small positive change can make all the different in your life!

Want to own the collection? For a limited time only, Hay House is offering all the 100 expert lessons plus some amazing bonues either on CD or digital download. Treat yourself or it’s an epic gift for a loved one!


With so much Love – Ahlea


Did you Listen? Tel me what you think, felt received?

  • Caryna says:

    such wonderful information. such lovely energy you have and shared . Thank you

    • Ahlea says:

      Caryna- Thank you so much for reaching out. You have warmed my heart and I am grateful you enjoyed the information. Love- ahlea

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