An Abundant Question ?

I am participating in a Women’s Group and last night in a pair share exercise we were to answer the question, “what is abundant in your life?” We had 2-3 minutes to share with our partner.

When I sat with this pondering I realized I feel so much abundance around me.
Firstly I have such Beautiful and Amazing people in my life.
Women who are powerful in the world, affecting change and living a life of integrity and still engaged with their femininity. I am also surrounded my loving men who are thoughtful and powerful and deep lovers of life and the feminine.
I have Family and friends that I am able to be myself with inside an orb of JOY, Laughter, Playfulness and Depth.
Beauty– There is an abundance of beauty in my life. My home is filled with objects, art and images that conjure peace, love or instigate inspiration within me.
My Yard is abundant with trees and vegetables and a bounty of fruit.
I have an abundance of people in my life whom love me and all my idiosyncrasies and quirks. I have an abundance of gifts and tools to offer people in need in my world.

I suppose this was a new angle to stimulate a sense of gratitude for my life and again I find there is much to be grateful for.

I will also share that currently there is an abundance of clutter in my home office that I am committed to transforming this weekend and an abundance of blog posts to complete… 🙂

What is there an Abundance of in your life?
Quick Response…..

3 hearts in hand

With Love,

  • Magda says:

    I have abundant wisdom around me, coming from my women clients. Their stories are duch amazing wealth!

  • Barbara Walkington says:

    I too feel so grateful for all the abundance I have. I am so grateful for the skilled surgeon and other staff who helped me less than two weeks ago, for my rapid healing, for my loving, thoughtful husband, for friends and family who truly care, for my comfortable home. I am grateful for all the inspiration I receive from others through blog posts such as this, books, podcasts, tell-summits etc. I am on a journey of learning and growing and have so many teachers I am grateful to have. Blessings to you.

    • Ahlea says:

      Sweet Barbara!

      I am visualizing your body healing with elegance and balance. You are a beautiful woman and yes- on a journey of growth and touchings lives.
      Blessing and Love to you also.


  • tracy says:

    I have an abundance of support in my life from my family and my circle of friends. Thank you for helping me remember this.

  • Gregorio says:

    Love this and so true. Thank you for the refreshing reminder for us to sit back and really see how abundant our lives really are. And to see the areas in which we have opportunity.
    Love and Light

  • Kabir Kadre says:

    I experienced an abundance of sacred privilege to be alive in this human form, for all of the opportunities that it presents (abundant opportunities even 😉 to learn to love more deeply and to awaken to more and deeper states of compassion.

  • Jettiebear says:

    I have an abundance of self to give to family, friends, and lovers, and I have abundant energy from that giving. Such a beautiful cycle of growth. I have an abundance of faith in the universe.

  • April Fink says:

    So wonderful to be reminded to acknowledge our blessings and all that we have to be grateful for in life. I have a tremendous amount of love in my life from family and friends who support me and inspire me to be my best self.

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