Thanks to Give !


I enjoy a certain stillness in the city on a holiday. The mind-net is more calm as people aren’t in the get to work mode or mindless auto-pilot that can be easy slipped into.

I also enjoy the openness of hearts at this time of the year. Gratitude is such a powerful gesture and state to align ourselves to because it makes space and in that space listening can occur. Listening for me is a sacred occurrence and more of a communing. In that space the divine, the universe, God, Life, Love and magic comes to visit. Rumi and the other brilliant mystic poets speak of it as the beloved. The beloved is always in front of us, in the mirror, the homeless man and the family member that gets under our skin.

Let’s Be grateful! for this precious human life, the opportunity to love and be loved, and for this day where we cross lines of (seeming) differences and bask in thanks and giving!

In love- ahlea

and my deepest gratitude and reverence for our sweet mother earth, my beautiful friends & family and all of the beautiful people I am honored to serve.

  • Bellaisa says:

    The holidays are really a great time to remind us of everything there is to be grateful for. I too love the way the days and people seem to slow down.

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