Sharing is good for our health!

I’ve been quiet in the blog’o’sphere.
I’ve been doing so much ‘gardening’, both literally and figuratively.
When we have extra goodies from our garden we like to share with our neighbors. Our neighborhood is filled with lots of walkers and we put a basket on our fence in the front yard to offer our extra fruits and veggies. Sometimes people bring us their extras too (love the avocados).
I like this sense of community especially when I am feeling too busy to have social time with friends or I am generally feeling full. A sense of community is a vital component for our health.
How do you build a sense of community? at work, potluck, the park, exercise classes? tell me in the comments, I want to know.

  • Gregorio says:

    Love this! One of my favorite thing to do is participate in the local canyon and trail cleanups in our neighborhood. You meet new neighbors and see your community in a new and meaningful way.
    P.S – I love lemon water

  • Jettiebear says:

    Oh the fruits of your gardening… Such a beautiful gift to the communities that you’re a part of! Thank you!

    What I often do to build community:
    At least a few times a week, I think about some of the qualities that I love about myself, and who in my life has nurtured those qualities to come forth. I call friends and relatives at least three times a week to maintain our relationships, but also to share how they’ve helped me become somebody I love.

    You have helped me to become powerful, secure, and completely in love with myself.

  • Kabir Kadre says:

    What a wonderful image, thank you for sharing! In cultivating community, I like to focus on those around me and what is meaningful to them. I look for places where I can get excited about those things that excite others and I work to nurture those places. 🙂

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