My Birthday Listening


Birthday Hike 2015

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday, and reflected upon my previous year and the upcoming one. I went with my family and 2 dogs up into the mountains for a hike and afternoon of fresh crisp air.

This particular hike was a birthday tradition of mine for many years yet I haven’t been there since the birth of my son. For weeks I’ve been excited to go again and I anticipated how it would feel to be there again and to introduce the place and experience to my boy. The big day arrived and we drove east and then up and up and up the winding road and into the forest. 

Finally the parking area with the lookout and trailhead that I love! As the car rolled into the parking spot I was taken aback as I discovered that the entire area had been obliterated in a fire. The whole area covered with charred trees, crunchy cacti or black and disintegrating branches and stumps.IMG_4668

It was very powerful diversion from my expectations. I embraced the shift and considered how different my life is now since I became a mother and the many things that I have released from my life since then. I reflected how the fire of life can purify us and how it can transform us so rapidly. I recognized how profoundly I had grown in the previous years and how I am a essentially a new person.

We hiked my familiar trail as I wanted to visit an enormous pine tree that I have had befriended in my previous visits and in my memories since. When we turned up the hill to where she lives I saw that the fire burned her lower torso with enthusiasm and the very top of her was untouched green foliage. As I marveled at her beauty and the symbolism I noticed that the ground beneath my feet was soft. It is so rare to feel soft soil in southern California as it normally resembles granite. This felt more like fresh moss. I was standing upon new life that was the composting remnants of the transformative power of fire.

As we shift from Fall towards Winter we take our precious energy and sacred acorns deep into the earth and towards hibernation in preparation for the rebirth of Spring.

Reflections and Love- ahlea