Louise Hay, I Love you!

One of the Great Loves of my Life passed through the veils of this earthly plane recently. With 50 years between us, our relationship dance and form traversed the gamut.
She would sometimes introduce me as ‘her mother’ with the humorous caveat, that I had ‘a lot of work done’. Our relationship began under the guise of healer and client and we quickly discovered the depth and width of our soul connection. She was my mentor, beloved, friend, mother, daughter and a grandmother to my child… I was her healer, friend, mother, daughter, confidante and midwife of her death.

I clearly recall the moment, many years ago, when Louise asked me to take a very sacred and important role in being her partner for healthy living and to assist her in the final chapters of her life.
Louise lived Fully and she profoundly taught others how to do the same. She also wanted to Die Fully and I want you to know that she did that too. I am beyond humbled and grateful to have been a midwife on her passage through the veils of this world onto her next brilliant adventure.

She was not in pain and she was not ill. We have been working together and preparing on many levels and in a myriad of ways for this profound threshold. We talked about family ties, friends, fears, concerns for anyone she was parting from. We spoke of profound excitement for the unknowns before her.

There are so many jewels and sacred gifts that I carry with me from my great adventure with Louise but particularly the privilege of being with her during this chapter. I most loved reminding her of all the inspiration, love and transformation that she offered this planet during her amazing life. I would tell her “ Lulu, you have changed the world that we live in, and I, and countless others, can more effectively live authentically and offer our gifts to the world because of your courage to bring through what you did.” We would hold each other and cry with gratitude and contentment.

The final weeks and particularly the recent days before she passed, she was incredibly tender, loving, clear, surrendered and always elegant. She continued to use affirmations until she passed and I would like to share this one that we used together for her epic journey.
I Release myself into the arms of Love. I am Safe and Supported. I am Love!

Since her passing I have been holding space and doing practice with and for her transition and I am just starting to re-enter the realm of the humans again.

Know that she feels all the love and gratitude being sent to her and that she is wrapping us all in a beautiful and warm embrace.

With profound Love,

  • Debbie says:

    You are so blessed for your experience with her

  • guayi says:

    OMG this is a beautiful story, thanks for share and send all the love. I hope I can have that wonderful experience when the time it’s right. Love and Peace!!!!

  • Catherine says:

    I love they way you express that you were a midwife. My sister was to my other sister . She could read her felt what she needed . When she could not speak near the transition from earthly state to heavenly. The veil was so thin I felt others around us. And other sacred moments. I just gave birth the spring and that summer Carrie left.

  • Janine says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful tribute.

  • Angela says:

    Hi Ahlea x Your post is simply beautiful and very heart felt x Thank-you so much for sharing your special gift of memories and I look forward to hearing all your new thoughts and plans in the New Year x With love and hugs for a wonderful 2018 xx

  • Shirley says:

    Love this Ahlea, am honoured you shared it with us all. I just witnessed my Dad’s passing onto the next realm. He was not ill but was in pain and at the age of 93 decided to do Dying With Dignity or Assisted Death. He was smiling up until the end and when I asked him at the last moment are you sure Dad? He smiled and said of course, let’s get on with this. He had loved his 3 girls and will continue to love us as he enters his new adventure. The day after he passed a beautiful bird came to see me., one I had never seen in our backyard before, a Northern Flicker. I knew it was him (he was an avid bird lover) telling me he was okay and to believe in the Universe and all it has to offer. Much love and gratitude Ahlea

  • Christine says:

    I love you Louise and Ahlea! ❤️❤️❤️
    Ahlea, thank you so much for this lovely update! It is wonderful to know that you were with her all the way as her beloved friend and midwife for her transition!! Thank you.

  • Carole says:

    You too Ahlea, are a truly amazing person. I can still see the two of you together and hear your giggles. Both of you shared your knowing with me and so many others which allowed me to grow and open up and become a more fulfilled person. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  • Sarah says:

    Ahlea, what a gift you two shared. It is easy to feel the love and respect you both had for eachother in your words and in your photos. It was indeed pure! Thank you for sharing it with us. Her journey continues in a beautiful way through you and your son. I am so happy she lived, and I am so happy that she had you! What you are now stepping into as you emerge from this experience will be phenomenal. And Louise will be a part of you every step of the way! Namaste

    • Suzanne says:

      Thank you Ahlea for sharing your heartfelt experience. You have no idea how much your contact means. I was so taken aback by Louise’s passing. She seemed to have everything together and I couldn’t understand why she left so early. Her death upturned my belief that we should live well beyond 100 and live joyously and big. Now I have questioned my beliefs. I would love to have your support on this. Thank you for reconnecting. Sending you a huge hug for the amazing person you are.

  • Joan says:

    Hi Ahlea, thanks for sharing your experience of being Louise’s midwife with us all so openly and authentically. I love the way you write and am enjoying reading and learning from Loving Yourself to Great Health. That book is such a treasure!
    Now that it is a year since you posted this piece, I am wondering if you can answer a question for me that has been on my mind since hearing of Louise’s passing. It is very personal so I understand if it is something you cannot share. My question is this: How did Louise know she was approaching her passing from this world to the next?
    Thank you in advance and blessings to you!

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