Yogi Tea Recipe


We all have smells that transport us to other times and into powerful memories. The smell of Yogi Tea bubbling on the stove does that for me. When I first began studying the path of yoga I lived with a Sikh Family and they always offered the students yogi tea. This is an ancient recipe that provides great health benefits during the transitional seasons (spring and fall) and is also wonderful in the winter.  

Yogi Tea is delicious and can be enjoyed all day long. The peppercorns are a blood purifier, cardamom aids the digestive system, cloves calm the nervous system, cinnamon assists bone health, ginger strengthens the nervous system and doubles as a natural energizer, and the black tea acts as a catalyst for the other ingredients to seal the other spices. 

There is basically a pot of yogi tea on my stove from October through February. It has become the scent of the season for my family and warms the soul.



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  • Jane says:

    My household is truly enjoying this warming, spicy drink on a chilly, rainy, day in the Pacific Northwest. Thanks Ahlea!

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