What To Expect From A Holistic Dentist

We all deserve to have a dentist that is a partner on our path to optimal health and wellness. I have seen countless illness and symptoms in bodies that were a direct response to discord in the mouth. A holistic dentist understands the important role the teeth, jaw and mouth play in the path of health or dis-ease.

What you can expect at a holistic dentist:

  • encourage you to eat a whole foods and pH balanced diet
  • rarely (if ever) recommend a root canal
  • never use amalgam (mercury) fillings
  • will not use fluoride

Here are some important questions to empower you in your quest to find a dentist committed to a wellness approach to dentistry.

Do they digital x-rays? Digital x-rays produce 90% less radiation than analog machines. We have important and sensitive glands all around the head and neck. Less radiation is a Good thing! Always be sure you wear a lead apron to protect your body and neck.
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What is used as an anestheticThe commonly used numbing agents such as Lidocaine and Carbocaine are rather toxic and contain aniline homologs which are known carcinogens. These anesthetics can also block the lymph from flowing and can cause deeper infection to fester. Septocaine is an anesthetic that is free from aniline and is an acceptable option. We can hope that as we start asking for better option that more are created!

Do they use dye staining? It is not uncommon for an infection to exist under a crown and be undetectable by an x-ray. Dye staining is an excellent and safer alternative to detecting infection in the mouth. It is often more accurate than x-rays and would make for a great selfie as you have red or blue teeth.

What is their protocol for removing metal fillings?  Do they use a rubber dam and exhaust fan (placed near your mouth) so the toxic vaporized mercury particles are not absorbed into the sinuses, brain or swallowed.
Do they use medical grade tubing and purified air near your nose so there is no risk of breathing the airborne particulates?

What do they replace fillings with?  Low-fusing ceramics are a great alternative because that are a non-toxic, biocompatible material that has some pliability as to not crack under pressure.

Do offer bio-compatability tests?  With a simple blood test or by muscle testing a dentist can determine what is an ideal biological match for your filling material.

I have seen many people turn around significant health challenges by partnering with a holistic dentist committed to full body wellness.  Having this type of relationship can shift a stressful dental experience into something much more pleasant.

If you are looking to find a holistic dentist, Huggins Applied Healing is a great resource.

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After significant dental work I also highly recommend:

  • seeing a Cranio-Sacral therapist.
  • working with a practitioner that uses dental mud to pull all infection from the surrounding tissue.
  • working with a nutritional practitioner on a supplemental program to support your body while going through procedures such as metal filling removal or surgery etc.
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