Unique, Eco & Health Conscious Gifts for expectant Mothers

As a practitioner in the holistic and naturopathic world for nearly 2 decades I get lots of questions. Combine that with my ‘new mom’ status and people have been asking me what are unique, eco and health conscious gifts for expectant mothers. Here are some great gift options regardless of the many parenting choices such as breastfeeding, formula, co-sleeping, or to vax or not to vax?.

(While I always try and support local brick & mortar small businesses I added some links to online stores)

Chewbeads & Teething Bling: A new mom is adjusting on so many levels to her new role. These style conscious and very practical teething bauble get me lots of compliments and have become two of my sons favorite play things. Those teeth cutting days can be brutal and baby wants close contact so I wrap my babe in a woven carrier, toss on a teething necklace and go for a walk or do some chores. The jewelry gets gnawed on and tugged and not my hair. It will not change the inevitable drool puddle on mom but it will allow your baby some relief while you still look fashionable. www.chewbeads.com and www.smartmomjewelry.com

Organic Cotton ‘jammies’: While those adorable fleece pajamas come in super cute prints and bold gorgeous colors they also come with flame retardant chemicals that are known neuro-toxins. Best to stick with tight fitted Organic pajamas, bodysuits and footies. Since baby sleeps many hours in an outfit you want to the finest and cleanest fabric next to his tender and absorbant skin. A few of the great companies doing cute organic baby clothes. www.underthenile.com, www.hannaandersson.com, www.babysoy.com and you can find great handmade garments on www.etsy.com.

Amber ‘teething’ necklace for baby: Baltic amber has known pain relieving qualities and I was amazed at the shift in my little guy’s teething fuss when we put the necklace on him. Be sure the necklace is knotted after each bead and uses a safety clasp. Some parents put it around babies ankle under a sock at nighttime. Teething can be heart wrenching for mama because we feel helpless so this is a great option that nature has provided us. www.amberartisans.com

Wooden place setting & utensils: When cared for this is a precious heirloom that can be passed on to your little’s little ones or to a special friend. They come in Bamboo, Walnut and more beautiful natural woods and are harvested sustainably. We Love our Camden Rose set and feel happy to not be using plastic. www.camdenrose.com

Baby Faces of the World: Infants love to look at baby faces (who doesn’t?) and many babies only get to see the ethnicity of their own family. I love these books because baby is introduced to the various beautiful expressions of humanity in faces of different colors and shapes. www.globalfundforchildren.org/store/

Music: Lullabies and Music are such a powerful ambience for creating a loving environment for baby’s new world. Along with Ocean waves crashing there is always music playing in the nursery. Our playlists range from Sleep, Stimulating, Wind down and Daaance. Here are a few artists music for kidlets that is also enjoyable for the adult. Renee & Jeremy, Elizabeth MItchell, Frances England.

Bath Ball: These bath filter balls ‘dechlorinate’ the water for baby’s bath. This is important to keep baby from absorbing the chemicals in our water and will keep skin super soft. Just run the water through the ball and let the ball sit in the bath water for a few minutes before getting in. www.rainshowermfg.com

Baby Food Recipe Books: Transitioning Baby towards solids can be a time of fun and exploration. Help Mom with some easy and healthy recipes for when and how to introduce foods to baby to help set them up for a life of health and a balanced palate. tinyurl.com/a4qt3sn and tinyurl.com/cookingforbaby

Wool Dryer Balls: All new moms are amazed at the amount of laundry this small new being generates. If you are not close to the equator and able to dry items in the fresh air year round using the dryer might be a necessity. Natural felted wool balls shorten dryer time, make clothing softer and negate the need for chemical dryer sheets, and they come is beautiful bold colors. Check www.wooldryerballs.com and there are also many work at home moms selling them on www.etsy.com

For Mama:

Salt Foot Soak (for after birth) After a woman gives birth it is important that she replenish herself with minerals and nutritional support. A Natural Foot Soak is a relaxing way to do this and found in many health traditions for the post-partum woman. www.forresthealth.com/Medi-Soak.html

Organic Body Wash & Lotion with Lavender Oil. Lavender helps to calm a colicky baby and assist babies to fall to sleep. Mom or Dad can put also put a little essential oil on their chest, ears or clothing (not a place where baby might touch and make contact with their eyes) to help create an environment of calm and peace. www.deepsteep.com

Note: When introducing furniture and fabrics into the nursery or around a newborn it is important that they be properly washed and/or given space to properly off-gas. Babies are so much more sensitive to chemicals.

The World is a Better Place when we Support Mama & Baby to be Healthy and Happy!

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