Find Balance in our Senses

I am attending a course this weekend about treating the central nervous system for people with Sensory Processing Challenges. I am enjoying it very much and not only seeing how I can apply this to every one of my clients but how I too will personally benefit.

Having a baby, I became acutely aware of how over-stimulated we are as a culture in this day and (tech) age. I became impassioned to witness and protect where the edges and boundaries are in my child and to introduce stimuli and new experiences in a mindful, loving way.

All of the input that comes into our senses has to be processed or digested, otherwise it creates tension or congestion in us. Our nervous system works to manage the digestion of it much like our stomach, liver and intestines work to digest our physical food. If you watch violent television, your brain, limbic system (emotional brain) and viscera have to figure out how to process. As adults we are more de-sensitized… or are we?

What psychic, environmental or emotional food do you still need to digest today? or from the week? Is your inner child feeling overwhelmed and over-stimulated?

Choose classical or sacred music today and instead of engaging in gossip, choose to uplift the reputation of another and when you have the option, always bask in nature… and just see how you feel…. (Mental) food for thought.

With love, I offer my workshop and heart musings.