Hello Summer!

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Celebrate Summer Inside and Out

I love noticing the exuberance all around me in the summer season and how the sun travels across the horizon to set in its most northern spot at the solstice. I notice people leaning into activities and relationships that bring more love and joy into their lives.

I want to share some powerful and practical tools with you to participate with this Summer season to harmonize and propel you towards optimal wellness. As we engage with the profound cycles of nature occurring all around us we will not only feel more connected but be tapped into a wealth of support, wisdom and incredible love.

As we move from Spring and its sprouting potential for creation Summer allows us the experience of being in Full Bloom. Envision the life cycle of a peony that is pregnant with life and potential and then one day unabashedly bursts forth in all directions and with vibrant color and beauty. Summer is a time that we, like the peony, get to enjoy the fruits of our labor, have fun and to Celebrate the Magic of Life!

The organs associated with Summer are the heart, pericardium and the small intestine. Let’s consider for a moment how these organs function as integral partners within our inner community.

The heart is the King and Queen bringing both the masculine and feminine energy together with royal presence at the center of our kingdom.

The pericardium is the sacred protector of the king and queen (heart) so they may focus on their royal duties keeping out toxins or external threats.

The small intestine is likened to the secretary of state and is a vital discerner that decides what is pure from impure and what goes into the blood or into the waste-yard.

The governing element of Summer is Fire and with the sun directly above our crown, we can really feel the raw power of Fire. It is essential in Summer to be mindful of not overheating or allowing that fire to agitate our nerves, emotions or move up into the head. The negative effect of fire can cause volatility or hysteria.

The Emotion of Summer is Joy and if we aren’t balanced we can experience or be aware of the lack of Joy. The gift in Summer is embracing the fire and dynamism of the Sun without letting it burn us out or gives us a sunburn. The spiritual opportunity is to go from party music and dive deeper to find the sacred temple music of your precious heart.

This past weekend I went dancing with a dear friend  (it had been awhile for me since I have a toddler and many obligations) because we heard the call of Summer in our spirit. We went out with intentions set to stay in a centered space together as we let ourselves go to the music. We pranced and twirled across the dance floor smiling, experiencing the joy of life and then left before we were exhausted. I just love how anything done with mindfulness and intention adds so many new dimensions.

So here are your Summer Tips:

  1. Eat cooling foods! Coconuts, Mung Beans +
    • veggies: cucumbers, peppers, bok choy, watercress, squash
    • fruits: berries, cherries, melons, stone fruit (peaches,apricots)
    • spices: cilantro, mint, dill, lemon or lime in your water- 
  2. Eat Moderately– not as much food is needed
    • Limit Fatty/Oily Foods
    • Limit meat products
  3. Hydrate– Sun tea (infuse essence of the sun into your tea)
    • Dandelion Root & Peppermint Tea
    • Dandelion Root & Green Tea
    • Drink Water with floating lemons & cucumbers
    • Green Juices + Green Smoothies
  4. Seek what brings you Joy
    • Go Dancing
    •  Find your innermost temple music
    • Be with people who bring you joy

Summer is a time when it is supported to do a juice cleanse if that works for your health and lifestyle. You can incorporate 1-3 days of juicing with abundant salads. Start your day with watermelon (eaten alone) or a bowl of berries.

How are you Celebrating Your Spirit this Summer?

Shine with the Sun!





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    Love this! Thank you Ahlea, it is just what I needed to hear since it has been so hot!

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