The Power in Giving

When I was 6 or 7 years old I helped my Dad pull wires in a Habitat for Humanity Home. I remember the experience as if it happened yesterday. A stranger cried with gratitude to my father because his help enabled him in part to provide a home for his family. That moment left a profound impact on my heart and a desire to seek out ways to help others and to realize that I have something to offer, even when I might feel disconnected. When we give, we make space in ourselves to be filled. 

As an electrician, my father worked very hard and often long hours with a commute to support our family and then he always shared numerous weekend hours volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. He and my mother have also traveled to Mexico and other places to assist in the building of homes for people in need. To see the communal giving of strangers working together to lay bricks or carry boards is a beautiful sight. The barriers of race, politics, economics and religion begin to dissolve and reveal the truth that we are all connected. The coming together for a common vision is beyond a beautiful thing, I believe it part of our duty and privilege as humans to serve and reveals the true nature of our soul. It is also great for our Health!

Here is a photo of my awesome Pops working on his latest house.

Thank you for teaching me the importance and gift in giving.12795441_916367658482808_1628758364625687203_n