[twothirdscontentimg title=”” thumburl=”×150.jpg” moreurl=””]“What a fantastic weekend. Those of you that will be attending are in for a real treat…… That’s all I say… You will leave with such valuable information for yourself, to use for the rest of your life!!! I’m excited for you.” – Cheryl Guttenberg (Workshop Testimonial)[/twothirdscontentimg]

[twothirdscontentimg title=”” thumburl=”×150.jpg” moreurl=””]“Ahlea teaches us to be present in the body to heal the sacred temple of our soul. A gifted intuitive and graceful healer, Ahlea is present for her students and clients by listening openly to our personal stories – truly hearing what is in our hearts, minds, and bodies – while helping us let go of what no longer serves. Freedom is the reward that she lives and advocates through good nutrition, natural supplements, and presence through focused breathing, movement, and positive affirmations. I am transformed and deeply grateful for learning from this loving and compassionate angel that is Ahlea. I highly recommend Ahlea’s Listening Workshop to anyone who wants to be held in the Presence of Love.” – Raeann R. Rodriguez, CHT, Medical Intuitive Energy Healer (Workshop Testimonial)[/twothirdscontentimg]

[twothirdscontentimg title=”” thumburl=”×150.jpg” moreurl=””]“What a beautiful experience – an outstandingly high recommendation for Soulstice’s Ahlea Khadro’s Listening Workshop!  Expressed through sublimely Feminine Goddess energy, Ahlea is full of Divine love, compassion, and generously shares her Medical Intuitive gifts saturated in wisdom, while providing an integral experience of applicable methods to assess health personally and professionally, in a safe environment.  My heart spills forth with gratitude!”
– Tracy Uloma (Workshop Testimonial)[/twothirdscontentimg]