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My Birthday Listening

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday, and reflected upon my previous year and the upcoming one. I went with my family and 2 dogs up into the mountains for a hike and afternoon of fresh crisp air. This particular hike was a birthday tradition of mine for many years yet I haven't ...

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Jump your spirit in

Recently in my Mommy and Me class with Elliot the teacher was going over our weekly lesson in child development from the perspective of Rudolph Steiner. I always enjoy the lessons and reflecting on how I can both grow personally as a human and as a mother by parenting more ...

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Love Yourself to Great Health Webinar

Hi there! Tracy here. I'm Ahlea's right hand (and sometimes her right foot as well) and I felt like it was time to introduce myself. Many of you have met me via e-mail or over the phone, however, I got my 15 minutes of fame during the FAQ section of the Loving ...

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The Key to Ghee -It Really is Better than Butter

Hello Lovelies - I am both smitten with and humbled by ghee. It is both healing and delicious!  Come along on our date...table for three please -you, me and ghee!   Hi there, I'm Ghee Ghee is simply the oil extracted from butter. It is often referred to as 'clarified butter' but ghee is a step beyond clarified ...

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An Abundant Question ?

I am participating in a Women's Group and last night in a pair share exercise we were to answer the question, "what is abundant in your life?" We had 2-3 minutes to share with our partner. When I sat with this pondering I realized I feel so much abundance around ...

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Sharing is good for our health!

I've been quiet in the blog'o'sphere. I've been doing so much 'gardening', both literally and figuratively. When we have extra goodies from our garden we like to share with our neighbors. Our neighborhood is filled with lots of walkers and we put a basket on our fence in the front ...

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Thanks to Give !

I enjoy a certain stillness in the city on a holiday. The mind-net is more calm as people aren't in the get to work mode or mindless auto-pilot that can be easy slipped into. I also enjoy the openness of hearts at this time of the year. Gratitude is such ...

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