Jump your spirit in

Recently in my Mommy and Me class with Elliot the teacher was going over our weekly lesson in child development from the perspective of Rudolph Steiner. I always enjoy the lessons and reflecting on how I can both grow personally as a human and as a mother by parenting more mindfully.
We talked about how at this age (freshly 3 years old) children enjoy being very physical, climbing trees, running and jumping. This sparked my interest most because my son is currently obsessed with jumping on our trampoline, our couches, beds and anywhere with a little bounce. The smiles and joy that pulse through him as he jumps is palpable.
She mentioned that when children at this age jump it’s how they encourage and bring their spirit more fully into their human form. This struck as so profound and was one of those statements that resonates with such a frequency that you know truth was just spoken.

I am observing his jumping with new eyes and have further contemplated how this relates to all stages of life. My friend Nancy Levin wrote a beautiful book called Jump and Your Life will Follow and she also leads transformative groups through the process of Jumping! I thought about how in life we can get stuck- in dysfunctional marriages, jobs and even relationships with ourselves. When we take a leap of faith, step out of the dysfunction and state with our action that we deserve more we are actually encouraging and bringing our own spirit more fully into our human form. Its the same imprint that we have as jumping children. We must keep our spirits bright and alive through movement and dynamic action. Maybe it’s as simple as driving a different route to work or ordering something new on the menu or as dramatic and necessary as leaving the unhealthy relationship so that your spirit can live the life you are destined for. You signed up for this human life- not to be numb and in auto-pilot but to be an expansive soul experiencing a human body, a human life and experiencing the magic of it.. and no, adventure doesn’t always feel safe, in fact it feels exhilarating.

daily musings…. and here is our sweet friend Elle Belle showing us how it’s done. xo

Our sweet friend Elle Belle showing us how its done.